Inspired by natural forms, and organic structures, I explore balance, and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour.

Coming from a background of printed textiles, and the two dimensional, I found a new passion in blown glass focussing on colour merging, and surface texture.

I became fascinated with the effects created by interweaving my cut patterns on blown glass with light and shadow.

Looking at the natural flow of colour in molten glass, I have created my own palette, mirroring the soft organic lines created when one colour bleeds into another with a biomorphic gestural form.

These moody, soft ethereal colours are reminiscent of dip dyed fabrics.

The free tonal movement incites moods and memories.

While glass is both a medium of clarity, and ambiguity, I examine its capacity to distort, and alter our view, by cutting, and stripping away it’s layers of colour, creating depth by mark making.

Working with Graal, the relationships between positive and negative ground are explored through transparency and opacity.